​​​Schrödinger wrote a wonderful paper on color vision in which he developed this theory of vector analysis as applied to the mixing of colors. 


​​There will have to be some new ​development that is quite unexpected, that we cannot make a guess about, which will take us still further from classical ideas but which will alter completely the discussion of uncertainty

relations. ​​



It is increasingly clear that the symmetry group of nature is the deepest thing that we understand about nature today.

Furthermore, and now this is the point, this is the punch line, the symmetries determine the action.​ ~Weinberg

Action appears in Heisenberg's famous uncertainty principle, but it also shows up here, in what Hermann Weyl called The magic formula ... from which the whole of quantum theory is developed.

E = hv


​Here, E is for energy, h is Planck's constant, which has the dimensions of action, and v stands for frequency. As we know, the frequency of light is correlated with color but is not the same thing, contary to what many textbooks tell us.

Crucially, photons behave like vectors, as do colors.


The reader can begin to see how the ideas in play here enter into quantum theory at the very foundations. And, as with any structure, when the foundation shifts, all that rests upon it moves as well. 


What's at stake, then, is the prospect of novel technologies, as well as far more capable robots and computers.

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